Basic Benefits


The life insurance benefit covers you with an insured amount payable upon your death to your last named beneficiary. You may name anyone you please as your beneficiary, and you may change your beneficiary at any time, subject to the laws of your province.

Death a result of suicide is not covered if it occurs within two years of coverage becoming effective or within two years of the effective date of any increase in the Optional Benefit.
Life Insurance 

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

 This benefit will provide coverage in case of accidental death (meaning a single, sudden, violent, unintended, unexpected, external event that causes a loss, independent of any other cause) or dismemberment.)
Accidental Death Dependent Life

 This benefit covers your spouse and children with an insured amount payable if your spouse or one of your children dies.

  Dependents eligible for this benefit include your spouse or common-law spouse and your unmarried dependent children usually under the age of 22 years (26 if attending school on a full time basis).

Long Term Disability

  Long Term Disability insurance provides you with regular income to replace salary or wages lost because of a lengthy disability due to an injury or sickness.
If you become disabled due to injury or sickness, the insurer will pay you a monthly amount based on your policy conditions until the coverage period or the maximum age is reached or until you recover, whichever occurs first.
This benefit usually covers recurrence of disability, rehabilitation, partial disability, survivor benefits, cost of living adjustments, limitation and pre-existing conditions.
Long Term Disability